Kelly Lee Owens – ‘1 Of 3’

Kelly Lee Owens by Daniele Fummo

London-based producer, songwriter and vocalist Kelly Lee Owens has left quite a mark since debuting her own solo work last year – and long may her rising rep continue.

This week Kelly Lee Owens has shared her sublime new single called ‘1 of 3′. A song about empowerment, it is a moody, murky electronic pop number that nestles nicely, somewhere between pop and techno. It emerges from its ethereal origins like sunrise at dawn, imbued with an eerie mystique, which parts, making way of the squelching synths and acid-tinged electronics to kick in – and Lee Owens’ exquisite vocal is outstanding throughout. A splendid, and wholly unique return, showcasing her impressive talent and versatility. It also serves as a taster of what’s to be expected from her highly anticipated debut album.

No firm date on that debut album but you can check out ‘1 Of 3’ below, and we’ll keep you posted on the album.

Photo credit: Daniele Fummo




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