Introducing: Estrons


Based in Cardiff, ESTRONS, are powerful and self-evidently brilliant guitar band, fronted by bilingual Canadian-Swede, Taliesyn Kallström.

Their name is Welsh for ‘aliens’ or ‘strangers’, a reflection of their mixed national heritage. Recording in English and Welsh, sometimes flitting between the two, their debut EP ‘Whoever She Was…’ was released in December of last year. The EP is a ferocious 4-track introduction to Estrons and their furious and undeniably excellent sound, can be summed up in a little over three-minutes of the EP’s lead single, ‘Make a Man’. It is everything a great ‘indie-rock’ belter should be, and more. ‘Make A Man’ blazes a trail with a ferocious explosion of energy, anthemic guitar riffs, pounding drums and Källström’s incredibly powerful, searing vocal delivery, shaking whatever’s left of the house down. ‘Make A Man’ is an emphatic exhibition of their considerable talent, and a clear indication to why there’s been quite a bit of fuss surrounding Estrons over the past 12 months or so.

They are promising more new music soon, which is great but for now get your ears around the frenetic, electrified and scintillating master-class that is ‘Make A Man’ below.

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