Introducing: A C C Ü



TRWBADOR were an act who occupied a unique place in the musical landscape between folk, techno and electronica. The duo’s original sound placed them firmly at the forefront the Welsh music scene but during the summer of this year, the pair decided to go their separate ways.

Since then, both Owain Gwilym and Angharad van Rijswijk have been working in their own respective projects. Having previously collaborated with Cornershop under the A C C Ü alias, Van Rijswijk has unveiled the first material from her latest venture, with a series of recordings from a session for C2 BBC Radio Cymru. ‘Noseweithiau Nosol’ is a breathtaking introduction to the new endeavor, delving further into otherworldly electronica, Van Rijswijk’s distinctive crystalline voice finds itself at peace among the winding, pulsating and throbbing synth line and shadow sounds. ‘Golau Welw’ is a much lighter and airy concoction, demonstrating the compelling power of her vocals, amid minimal crunchy beats and subtle synths/keys.

With A C C Ü, Van Rijswijk is continuing to forge something distinct and rather unique and while it’s certainly a shame that TRWBADOR parted company, on this evidence, A C C Ü has plenty to offer.


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