Millions Like Us Podcast – Episode #9

We’re thrilled to share yet another Millions Like Us podcast with you all. It’s great to back with the latest in a series of music podcasts hosted by Justin & I, in conjunction with Vancouver news & culture site 604now.

On a bi-weekly basis we aim to please, providing relief from all life’s toils* with some lively and entertaining chat and eclectic selection of fabulous music from metro Vancouver and elsewhere. There’s plenty in there, well over an hour in fact, of great tunes and plenty of chat.

You can read more on it over here and of course, listen below (and the tracklist (with links) is after the jump too). You can subscribe to ‘Millions Like Us’ on iTunes & Podcast Republic or find us on Facebook & Twitter. Or you can email us at millionslikeuspodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

2016 has been good to us so far, so thanks for all the support thus far and once again, thanks for listening!

 *May not actually do that.

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Allure – ‘Divine’


Parisian producer ALLURE (aka Lorris Piasco) is planning to release a brand new EP in early in the year, ahead of which, he’s unveiled ‘Divine’.

‘Divine’ is the second track taken from the aforementioned EP, following ‘By Surprise’, last month. It is hard to resist the ‘allure’ of this one, a bouncy, playful and funky manifestation of pulsing electro house. ‘Divine’ is bright, upbeat, espousing a joyful union of crisp beats, infectious synth and an irresistible groove, all tempered with a sort of frosty elegance. Allure’s more recent work has somehow eluded my gaze, an excellent re-introduction with the Paris-based producer & a choice tune to boot.

‘Divine’ is below for your listening pleasure and the new EP is pencilled in for release early this year. Keep your eyes peeled.


Seazoo – ‘Telephone Jones’


‘Telephone Jones’ is the new single by North Wales’ SEAZOO, and out on February 22nd.

Over the past few years we become accustomed to Seazoo serving up some of the most fabulous, charming and sprightly indie-pop on the planet, and the North Walian five-piece’s return, marks no deviation from this rich vein of form. A three-and-a-half minute pop nugget, ‘Telephone Jones’ whizzes and fizzes by with skuzzed guitars, delightful fuzz, smiley melodies and charming. Infectious doesn’t even cover the half of it; this is sparkling indie-pop perfection. A band to be treasured and enjoyed, no doubt about it.

New single ‘Telephone Jones’ is released on February 22nd via Bandcamp and is taken from a so-far-unnamed forthcoming EP, which shall be with us in late March. Till then? well, there’s ‘Telephone Jones’ of course. Check it out below now.

Applescal – ‘Leone Highway’


‘Leone Highway’ is the new single from Dutch producer, Pascal Terstappen aka Applescal.

Set for release before the end of this month, ‘Leone Highway’ is the Dutch master’s first new material since last year’s wonderful album, For. Just like the aforementioned album and previous productions, we’re presented with another stunning piece of work. A lushly produced patchwork of melodic sounds, it naturally glides along an addictive synth-line embellished along its way by all manner of assorted samples, chimes and stabs of synth. ‘Leone Highway’ is as dazzling display of Applescal’s savoir faire as anything he’s done before. Top class!

‘Leone Highway’ is out on January 22nd via Atomnationand accompanied with a B-side track titled ‘Isomethyl’. Check the former below.


Introducing: Bousada


Bousada is an electronic producer based out of Victoria, BC (as in Canada, not before Christ, obviously).

Over the past 10 years, he’s gradually drifted from writing and performing music on the guitar, to electronic productions with an emphasis on dancefloor readiness, synths and bass sounds. This passage and exploration toward the world of electronics has been beneficial to say the least; arriving at something of a rather natural electronic sound. It’s all sultry, smooth and seductive electronic music, with so many interesting and layered sounds and noises, steady piano (often quite dubby) chords and permeated, ultimately with rather cool vibes. This cool and select backdrop is just the ticket for Bousada’s voice to take centre stage; his smooth, soulful and melodic vocals are the icing on the cake, something his most recent singles ‘Cast In Gold’ and ‘Shake’, will testify to.

Check out ‘Cast In Gold’ and ‘Shake’ below, and there are a whole host more tunes on his SoundCloud.


Martha Ffion – ‘ Wallflower’


Irish-born, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, Martha Ffion has shared new single ‘Wallflower’.

‘Wallflower’ is her second single released through very respected indie label Turnstile (Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, Drinks etc.), and she’s ready to kick off 2016 in style. Following on from her previous releases, it is shimmering guitar pop with a slight 60s twist. Coated in a light sparing, wash of reverb and an infectious use of melody, it reminds us what has made her work so endearing thus far. Imbued with forlorn sense of melancholic longing, her powerful croon cuts through it’s gentle surroundings, followed closely by a tougher, grittier and meatier guitar-line. There is something compelling in the way Ffion sings, heavily invested emotionally, what she is saying, needs to be heard. Undeniably infectious, ‘Wallflower’ further cements Martha Ffion rep.

You can check out ‘Wallflower’ below and if that is to your liking, why not check out her fantastic back-catalogue here. There are some UK live dates after the jump, too.

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Shit Robot – ‘OB-8’


While most of the column inches concerning DFA Records has been largely about one thing; a certain LCD Soundsystem revival tour.

In other DFA news, DFA stalwart Shit Robot, aka Dubliner Marcus Lambkin, has released a surprise 12″ ‘OB-8’ b/w ‘Torpedo’. ‘OB-8’ is a transfixing 7-minutes plus that comes off like it could quite perfectly, soundtrack a futuristic late night drive. Heavy synths, dark atmospheres and hypnotic rhythm combine in epic fashion, aided by some vocal and fluttering samples, winding and throbbing through to the end of the road. This brilliance should come as no surprise, classic Shit Robot mastery. It’s always great to hear new stuff from Shit Robot but no word on when we’ll have a follow up to 2014’s We Got Love. On can hope it is soon. The video is great too, complimenting the essence of the track as we’re taken on a drive through a mesh of bleached and washed-out colours.

You can check out ‘OB-8’ and its excellent visual companion below. ‘OB-8’ / ‘Torpedo’ is out now, buy it on iTunes or Bandcamp via DFA Records.


Introducing: Golden Fable


Golden Fable are two imaginative and creative musicians from North Wales. Inspired by the natural world and varied landscapes that surround them, together Rebecca Palin and Tim Joy create rich, haunting and powerful music.

To date, Golden Fable have released two albums, Star Map and Ancient Blue, through their own record label, Full of Joy Records. Most recently however, in October 2015 in fact, the duo announced a new and ambitious project: a series of releases, coming out on the first Monday of each month. The latest in the series, ‘Through the Night’ is a stunning, reflective and unhurried beauty. Gentle, hushed drums and finger picked electric guitars drift slowly by, providing the emotive backdrop for Palin’s delicate but striking vocal. ‘Weather Station’ meanwhile, is six minutes of gorgeous instrumental bliss. A warm and gentle strum and twinkling synths set the dreamy ethereal ambience, before the twinkling synths and mildly motorik beats come to the fore, surging to a epic, euphoric finish. On ‘The Crossing’, Palin’s voice is once again the key, constant and central, her beguiling otherworldly vocal soars atop of the initially mellow, drifting acoustic melody steering us toward an emphatic soaring climax where dizzying guitars swirl.

You can sample some of their beguiling and majestic cuts below, or if you fancy some further investigation, there are loads more where that came from on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.





Yuck Announce New Album and Share ‘Hearts In Motion’


London-based indie band Yuck have announced a new album, Stranger Things.

The new record, their third, is out on February 26th and is preceded by new single ‘Hearts In Motion’. Yuck have made a solid name for themselves for whipping up their own brand of ’90s inspired lo-fi fuzz and the latest single, well it does very little to dispel this reputation. ‘Hearts In Motion’ is hook-ridden, reverb-laden and driven indie guitar heroics, with some added power-pop punch. Amid the general guitar bop, there are astonishingly lush layered harmonies and whirling guitar riffs. This is a triumphant & confident return for the band, and easily one of their best tracks to date, and that’s saying something.

Yuck’s new album Stranger Things, is out on February 26th. Take a listen to ‘Hearts In Motion’ below. Yuck have announced huge list of live dates including Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver on March 29th. See the full list here.



Exmagician Announce Debut Album & Share New Single; ‘Job Done’



Following the release of their debut EP Kiss That Wealth Goodbye, toward the back end of last year, Belfast duo exmagician have announced details of their debut album Scan The Blue.

The LP will be released on March 25th and coinciding with this announcement, they’ve shared new track ‘Job Done’. Exmagician is the latest incarnation from long-time collaborators Danny Todd and James Smith, the musical partnership behind Cashier No.9, who released the wonderful David Holmes produced album To The Death Of Fun in 2011. ‘Job Done’ is another indication of a move toward a heavier, hard-edged and rockier sound. A mix of guitars meeting an expansive array of synths and effects, spiraling psych distortion and propelled through this and gritty harmonies, by the intent, pounding beat. If the Kiss That Wealth Goodbye EP signalled a promising start to Smith and Todd’s latest musical venture, ‘Job Done’ confirms that, and more. More than a spark of reverential praise needed here. Job done indeed.

The debut album Scan The Blue, is out on March 25th via Bella Union. You can sample the wonderful ‘Job Done’ below.