Queen of Jeans – ‘Rollerdyke’


Philadelphia trio Queen of Jeans and their brand of retro, garagey, indie left an indelible mark upon their introduction with debut single ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ last month.

The trio are back courtesy of ‘Rollerdyke’, the second single from their upcoming self-titled EP. Displaying all the layered harmonies, ’60s girl group influences and charm of its predecessor, ‘Rollerdyke’ comes with a distinctly grittier lo-fi edge, as their rich, textured melodic and harmonious pop is run through a gauntlet of reverb, feedback and crashing cymbals. Warm, wonderful, upbeat and punchy, ‘Rollerdyke’ is a simply marvellous psych-indebted coming together of twangy, lo-fi and surf rock sounds. A slightly different take and a very fine elaboration of their style.

Queen of Jeans’ self-titled EP is out on January 22nd via Third Uncle Records and Super Fan 99 (UK), on both vinyl & cassette. For now, you can listen to ‘Rollerdyke’ below, and you can also get Queen of Jeans’ debut single ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ from Bandcamp gratis.


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