Public Service Broadcasting – ‘Korolev’


2015 has been a stellar year for Public Service Broadcasting. Second album The Race For Space is one of this year’s finest records; a rocket-fuelled triumph, spectacularly relaying the wonder, awe, glamour and the tragedy of the space race.

More recently, last week in fact, Public Service Broadcasting released a brand new, similarly space-flavoured themed EP, ‘Sputnik/Korolev’; featuring album track ‘Sputnik’, top class remixes and brand new track ‘Korolev’. It takes its name from the late Sergei Korolev, known as “The Chief Designer”, he was responsible for many of the Soviet Union’s spaceships, including ‘Sputnik’. Appropriately, ‘Korolev’ has space-aged, futuristic leanings. Propelled by a relentless energy, pulsating-beats and a powerful riff at its core, it combines heavy-synths, flashes of a grand brass with old Soviet sound-bites. A simply stunning track, as fine as anything on their superb second record, exhibiting all that is great about Public Service Broadcasting.

The new EP, ‘Sputnik/Korolev’, is out now and you can sample both tracks below. Meanwhile, Public Service Broadcasting are busy touring the UK and will be live streaming their Brixton Academy show on Sunday, 29th November – one can only presume it will be available through their website.


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