Introducing: Soft Serve

soft serve vancouver

Vancouver indie lovers Soft Serve, serve up an upbeat, glorious guitar-jangle-racket – with an instinctual ear for hook-laden melodies – and it is infectiously catchy.

The trio have just recently released their self-released full length and it is a magnificent blend of classic ‘indie’ meets early ’80s post-punk, fastened with flourishes of shimmering guitars, frenetic guitar work, a swift, driving rhythm section and frontman Kyle Thiessen’s world-weary vocal delivery. With guitars bright and shimmering, the likes of ‘Sons on Your Side’ and ‘Better Off When You’re Gone’ recall the sparkling brilliance of Echo & The Bunnymen at their very best, or The Smiths, the nifty guitar work anyway. Rather than just a casual throwback, these sounds are very much grounded in today. Blossoming through repeated hooks, verses and choruses, Soft Serve’s songs get inside your head and never leave, such is the insatiably catchy nature of them. Absolutely irresistible and brilliant stuff from Soft Serve, take a bow.

‘Sons on Your Side’ and ‘Better Off When You’re Gone’ are available to stream/free downloads below, while the whole of Soft Serve’s debut LP is available for purchase/stream now from Bandcamp. Enjoy!


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