Martha Ffion – ‘So Long’


Irish-born, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, Martha Ffion (full name Claire Martha Ffion McKay) has been making a bit of a name for herself over the past 12 months or so.

Having released her debut EP in 2014, Ffion followed that with double a-side ‘No Applause/Lead Ballons’, the fruits of a collaboration with the irrepressibly magnificent Lost Map Records. Now she has unveiled ‘So Long‘, the first track from her new partnership with very respected indie label Turnstile (Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, Drinks etc.). Recorded with Suse Bear of Tuff Love, ‘So Long‘ demonstrates a more subtle side to Ffion’s talents with less fuzz and crunch than ‘No Applause’. A blissful breeziness is rendered through a healthy and mesmerising combination of jangly guitars, wistful melodies and forlorn, almost detached but alluring pop vocal. All coated in a sparing, but perfect, wash of reverb, ‘So Long‘ is a sheer treat of classic songwriting of the ilk of the Everly Brothers or The Shangri-Las, with a modern dream-pop sheen. An assured, assertive and spellbinding performance from a musician and songwriter who continues to go from strength to strength. No doubt about it, ‘So Long’ is worth savouring.

Check out ‘So Long’ below & it’s out now via iTunes.

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