Cuinciu – ‘Radium Girls’


For the best part of 2015, Irish producer Ross McDonald has been devoting most of his attention to his Open Window project but McDonald has returned to his Cuinciu guise with a brand new single.

Entitled ‘Radium Girls’, the Wicklow native serves up a wonderfully bright, upbeat and funky slice of dance, disco and electronica infused electro-pop. Constructed around a forceful, bouncy beat and infectious rythmic groove, it bobs along rippling synths, popping percussion and chiming guitars, as it moves along on its merry way with quite a swagger. It is a jovial and playfully natured tune that offers an intricately produced insight in the talent McDonald has at his disposal. Continuing to draw inspiration from a deep well of hip hop, synth pop, disco and electronic influences, Cuinciu delivers a cracking upbeat piece of electronica with a healthy dose of disco-infused ’80s electo-pop vibes. Yet another rather convincing effort from one of my very favourite producers in Ireland right now.

You can check out ‘Radium Girls’ for yourself below, and you can download it gratis, from here.

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