JUNK. – ‘Dennis Wilson’


York-based lo-fi, garage indie rockers, JUNK. have returned with a second single from their Liquorice EP, which was released earlier this summer.

The many merits and endearing charm of JUNK’s fuzz-drenched, lo-fi  indie-pop goodness have been well noted here on a number of occasions. Saying that, there’s no harm in recapping and in just under three minutes, ‘Dennis Wilson‘ offers a timely reminder of what JUNK. have become known for. It’s a song of sweet, sweeping and loose drifting freedom with light dreamy vocals and lilting, shimmering lead guitar that peering through a haze of fuzz. ‘Dennis Wilson’ is overwhelmingly bright, optimistic and embed with an evocative sense of the last days of summer. JUNK. have been charming our ears for over a year now with their warm and infectious brand of lo-fi indie. What they do is deceptively simple and that is by no means a bad thing; they just create top notch songs.

You can check out ‘Dennis Wilson’ below now & the Liquorice EP is out now, and available via CHUD Records.

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