Juice – ‘Acid Kids’


The last we heard from Birmingham based trio Juice was about 18 months ago, with the release of their sublime debut single ‘Sugar‘.

On hearing little or nothing from, or about them, the worst was feared but thankfully those fears have been allayed. A year and a half and a line-up change later, the trio have returned with their long-awaited follow-up single, ‘Acid Kids’. Whilst less indebted to the sound of pre-Britpop indie-rock than its predecessor, ‘Acid Kids’ ain’t no slouch. In fact, it’s a top class and direct slice of indie; all scintillating riffs, catchy, fuzzy guitars, meaty basslines and great melodies. Prolific they may not be but there’s an abundance of indie-rock goodness on offer once more from Juice.

It’s great to hear from Juice again and especially in this fine form, but please, don’t keep us waiting 18 months for the next single, okay? Agreed? Anyway, check ‘Acid Kids’ below and happy listening.

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