Telegram – ‘Aeons’


Over the course of the past two years or so, London-based psych-rock outfit Telegram have delivered scintillating glam-tinged excitement on each and every occasion.

Repeating the trick, Telegram have returned with a new single ‘Aeons’ and needless to say, it does not disappoint. Released on July 10th through their own Gram Gram label, it is hoped it will help fund their debut LP (purchase the track on PledgeMusic). The new single is a psych-drenched blast of assured and forceful motorik glam. A more brooding three minute sprawl, it swirls, driving onward as it ebbs and flows toward a noise-filled, sensory overloading climax. A supercharged, frenetic and addictive three-minute masterclass, and a fine example to why these guys are quickly building up quite a formidable reputation. Fine stuff indeed and there’s more where that came from here too.

‘Aeons’ is out on July 10th but for now, sample its delights below or be really sound and help fund their debut LP by purchasing over at PledgeMusic.

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