Applescal – ‘Japanese Bubbles’


Dutch producer Applescal will release his new album, For on May 18th through Atomnation and with a week or so to go till the album’s release, he’s revealed his new single ‘Japanese Bubbles’.

As ever with Applescal, the new single is of premium quality. Sitting somewhere between late-night after hours and the dance floor, Applescal weaves his magic with soft, floating melodies, flourishes of playful percussion, a light scattering of keys and warm production, creating a real sense of atmosphere. A lush, late-night lullaby, it sets a mood allowing you to drift into deep, contemplative thought as it trickles through your consciousness. We’ve already had a taste of the album with ‘Airports’ – a vibrant summery mix of floating dreamy synths, bright, airy dance beats and sunny chimes – add to that ‘Japanese Bubbles’, and the follow up to 2013’s rather brilliant Dreaming In Key, is shaping up nicely.

Check out ‘Japanese Bubbles’ below.

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