Sleaford Mods – ‘No Ones Bothered’


Having provided 2014’s finest LP in Divide & Exit – a clever, often funny, foul mouthed and angry record, overloaded with attitude, vitriolic anger and righteous and infectious rantings that are as quotable as Half Man Half Biscuit – there was always going to be a high degree of anticipation for what came next for Sleaford Mods.

The Nottingham duo have announced its follow-up, Key Markets, will be out on July 10th. Ahead of their new album, Sleaford Mods have released lead track, ‘No Ones Bothered’ with the pair sounding as raw, vitriolic and gobby as ever before. That recognizable no-nonsense savagery; that brutal, precise and clever wordplay from chief rabble-rouser Jason Williamson, together with that delivery, stance and energy is strewn among a bass and drum heavy, punk sound – (somewhere between The Exploited and Citizen Fish, more the latter perhaps). Refreshing as usual, and top fucking class too. Who thought we’d be hearing from Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn quite so quick? Whatever the case, their return is most welcome.

Sleaford Mods have also teamed up with The Pop Group to release a split 7”, out June 18th through Freaks R Us. You can listen to their inclusion ‘Face To Faces’ & ‘No Ones Bothered’ below.

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