JUNK. – ‘Dirt In My Eye’

JUNK. 2015

York’s JUNK. first caught our eye last year with their Car EP, introducing us to the trio’s charming, sweetly melodic take on garage punk.

The trio are back with a new track ‘Dirt in My Eye’, a first glimpse into their forthcoming EP, Liquorice, released on May 4th, through CHUD Records. Junk. have always exuded vigour and vibrancy, but with an innocence – or lack of pretension – to how they approach their music which is part of their charm. This charm is something amplified with ‘Dirt in My Eye’; a melodic, ridiculously tuneful and utterly contagious track. It’s lo-fi rumbling, rough-around-the-edges and shambling verse-chorus indie that is ever so affable. Affable because, for all its rough edges, a precocious energy sucks you and the whole thing is so teeming with frazzled guitars, riffs, sharp melodies, splendid doo-wopping and peppy vocals, and oh, you’re never more than five seconds from a hook. A wonderful jangly lo-fi racket is coated with fuzz and pop sensibilities, made exponentially more loveable by the delightful twin vocals of Estella Adeyeri and Sam Coates. Simply: charming, catchy and glorious lo-fi indie pop.

The EP will be with us on May 4th but right now, you can sample the sweet charms of ‘Dirt In My Eye’ below.

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