The School – ‘All I Want From You Is Everything’

The School 2015

Last week Cardiff’s resplendent pop purveyors, The School released their latest EP, All I Want From You Is Everything, through Elefant Records, who’s raison d’etre is nostalgia pop. A match made in heaven if there ever was one, and it certainly lives up the billing.

Steeped in classic pop songwriting, this is a joyous and colourful explosion of bright, breezy indie-pop. This is a band with a real flair for the insanely catchy, timeless pop song, something that becomes patently clear throughout the EP. Be it the title track or ‘I Will See You Soon’, or covers ‘Crying In The Rain’ (by Carole King) and ‘Baby Don’t Hold Your Breath For Me’ (by Knickers) – timeless pop earworms are the order of the day. Not only are the tunes catchy and lyrics charming, they also have a delightfully off kilter way of delivering them. The songs are rich and layered with varying instruments and sounds all contributing to the laid-back, sun-kissed and gorgeous sound. And the icing on the cake? Liz Hunt’s light-as-air angelic tones – honeyed, mellifluous, melodic, harmonious – it’s quite a difficult task to describe with mere words just how wonderful. A splendid collection of marvellously bright pop songs.

With new album Wasting Away And Wondering waiting in the wings, this EP offers a wonderful snapshot of what we can expect. All I Want From You Is Everything is available now, from here. You can sample some choice cuts below.

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