BarryGruff’s Playlist February 2015

BarryGruff Feb Playlist 2015

A new monthly feature to the blog, a nice, neat and handy playlist of tracks featured during the month.

It was a pretty good month to be fair. There was the return of Joanna Gruesome, Novella, Coves and Akala, with new tracks ahead of their respective albums, and new singles from Du Blonde, Foreign/National, Freedom Fry & Rozi Plain. Not to forget the huge news of a new album from Blur and last but not least, the return of Super Furry Animals. Also featuring on the playlist are: Public Service Broadcasting, TRWBADOR, The Courtneys, SALES, The Earth & Benihana.

Listen to BarryGruff’s February 2015 playlist below. The full track listing is after the jump.

01. Public Service Broadcasting – ‘The Other Side’

02. Rozi Plain – ‘Actually’

03. Freedom Fry – ‘Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na’

04. The Courtneys – ‘90210’

05. Joanna Gruesome – ‘Last Year’

06. Foreign/National – ‘Always Blue’

07. Benihana – ‘Claro’

08. TRWBADOR – ‘Several Wolves’

09. Coves – ‘Shot To The Wall’

10. Du Blonde – ‘Black Flag’

11. Novella – ‘Land Gone’

12. The Earth – ‘Baby Bones’

13. Super Furry Animals – ‘Ymaelodi Â’r Ymylon’

14. Akala – ‘Murder Runs The Globe’

15. SALES – ‘Chinese New Year’

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