Introducing: Benihana

Benihana are Kildare based electronic duo composed of Will Molloy and Billy Archbold, who’ve been steadily releasing some really impressive tracks over the past while.

Together Molloy & Archbold provide us with a triumph of meticulously crafted, emotive and otherworldly electronic music. The tracks aren’t overblown or overproduced, the Naas-based duo have put time and thought in, judging by the sheer depth and emotion that emanates from their music. ‘Claro’ is a laid-back, almost ambient, dreamy track, slowly developing through frosty production that feels like a thick mist,and a shivering sense of euphoria. ‘Nearer’ meanwhile, offers a darker side to their sound. Crunching beats and twinkling synths combine with a subterranean vibe to envelop everything with a sense of eeriness, but rather than fraught with terror or peril, it is imbued with an uplifting sense of optimism, mainly provided through the warmth of the vocal and some heavenly, floaty sounds. This heavy dose of optimism is something continued on ‘Machines’, which features a sample of Charlie Chaplin’s famous and powerful speech from The Great Dictator and backed by airy cinematic production. All in all, it’s supremely evocative and intoxicating.

You can sample some choice cuts below and if they are to your liking? You can download Patterns EP here and double A-side Claro/Nearer here, all you got to do is ‘name your price’. Photo by Olga Kuzmenko.

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