Introducing: Graham Cooney


Graham Cooney is a young folk singer and songwriter from Cork, who, working from the comfortable confines of his own bedroom, produces earthy folk songs that posses an incredibly intimate sound and offering a beautiful yet gritty modern take on the genre.

Although drawing from a breadth of influences what really marks his work is the brevity of emotion and his wistful way with melancholy and melody. Combined with an evocative lyrical turn, these songs rely as much on his words as they do the arrangements to conjure up an atmosphere of warm conviviality. The usual pitfalls and clichés are avoided like the plague. If it’s happy-clappy-folk-hi-jinx you require; look elsewhere. For here we have absorbing, consuming and splendid pastoral folk with a dash of Americana, which is simply perfect in it’s imperfection. From the dusty yet gently soothing charms of ‘The Weather’ to ‘Sin’, which combines a nimble strum and static hiss for the most tender and touching of ballads. ‘North Star’ meanwhile, intertwines all the aforementioned elements with some melodious melancholy for an unforgettable, wistful rendition. Only in the dawn of his career he may be but Cooney has already amassed a rather wonderful collection of material.

Cooney is currently working on a debut EP but for now, there are some choice cuts from his existing wonderful collection below.

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