Mmoths – ‘Yago’ + ‘Santo’


It’s been a pretty quiet year for Mmoths (aka Jack Colleran) but for the most part of the past 12 months he’s been working on his forthcoming, so far unnamed, LP.

More recently though, he’s broken radio silence to share with us two new tracks, ‘Santo’ and ‘Yago’. While not on the album, both were written during that period and offer a flavour of what’s on the horizon perhaps? ‘Yago’ is hauntingly mesmerizing. Fusing subtle euphoric undercurrents with choral vocals, stretched and tort to resemble something of a primal cry, we’re engulfed amid an electronic fog leaving us with something epic and huge. ‘Santo’ meanwhile is dark and heavy, weighed down by abrasive electronics and ambient noises only to be raised by vocals awash with reverb and head-nodding, pounding beats. Having spent the guts of the last year or so penning new material for the album, the fruits of his labour certainly ups expectations for what is to come, which is likely be with us some time in 2015.

Before all that however, there are ‘Santo’ and ‘Yago’ for your listening pleasure. In other Mmoths news, you can catch him + Guests at Block B, Smithfield Market, Smithfield, Dublin 1 on Saturday, December 20th. Tickets are €15 (from here) + BYOB.

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