Objekt – ‘Ganzfeld’


Last month Berlin-based producer Objekt released ‘Ganzfeld’ as part of a split release with Dopplereffekt through Leisure System.

Objekt has been afforded a rep for an economical output, following a philosophy of quality over quantity and making it count by the sheer quality of his studiously crafted electronic tracks. Not only is ‘Ganzfeld’ testament to this afforementioned reputation, it is hands down, one of the most compelling tracks all year. There is a rather beautiful yet eerily sinister aura that consumes ‘Ganzfeld’, dominated initially by restrained percussion and a hollowed out, murky spaciousness. It does however, afford room for space, space that’s filled with glimmering atmospherics, moments of glitched confusion, occasional synth chimes and spacey background sounds, accompanied with breakneck hi-hat snare combos which builds to an ultimately cracking crescendo. The versatility and detail afforded to the sound over close to 6 mins is simply astounding. ‘Ganzfeld’ is masterfully executed and prepped to prompt euphoria or eerie chills of fear, depending on the state of mind perhaps.

‘Ganzfeld’ is out now, along with ‘Delta Wave’ from Dopplereffekt via Leisure System. Listen below and you can buy it from all the usual haunts – more info here.

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