R.Seiliog – ‘Velcro For Vortex’

R.Seiliog - ‘Velcro For Vortex’

R. Seiliog AKA Robin Edwards is set to release a brand new album In Hz on December 1st and will follow 2012’s Shuffles EP and 2013’s sublime mini-album, Doppler.

The Welsh electronic experimenter extraordinaire has offered a first glimpse into his forthcoming new LP in the shape of  ‘Velcro For Vortex’. As has become his forte, ‘Velcro For Vortex’ is an immersive and hypnotic genre-bender, majestically blurring the lines between exhilarating electro and propulsive Krautrock. Swishing all manner of electronics, loops, faintly audible sounds, drone surges and ambient techno, combining to submerge everything by the halfway mark and bursting through as something altogether glistening and supremely psychedelic. R.Seiliog is clearly at the very top of his game, that has been apparent for quite sometime now,  ‘Velcro For Vortex’ and album In Hz, will only enhance a growing realisation that he is one of the the most enticing, intriguing and dynamic producers around.

You can run your ears over  ‘Velcro For Vortex’ below and In Hz is out on December 1st through Turnstile.

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