Sake – ‘Stay With Me’

Earlier in the year, May possibly, we were introduced to ‘Almost Never’, the stunning debut song from Sake, the new project from North Walian singer Chloe Leavers. It was simply sublime.

Now she has returned with another utterly bewitching three and a half minutes in ‘Stay With Me’. Although it is imbued with gloomy atmospherics, gentle icy guitar strum, subtle downbeat electronics and generally quite sullen aura, their is a powerful and resounding feeling of resolute wilfulness to persevere onward, against whatever odds faced with. Once again Sake has produced something so beautiful and captivating, and then there is her voice. Well, it’s just stunningly beautiful, enchanting and emotive. Hushed or soaring, she never over does it, yet is always commanding and always in control. There really are too few superlatives in the world to adequately do her vocal prowess justice.

You can check out ‘Stay With Me’ in all it’s glory below – hopefully there’s plenty more in the way of in the not to distant future.

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