Foreign/National – ‘Life Tourist’


Melbourne five piece Foreign/National are readying their debut EP, ahead of which, they’ve released their latest track ‘Life Tourist’.

Now if there was ever a track to get you excited about a forthcoming release, it is ‘Life Tourist’. A breezy and chilled out track, it drifts and swirls on its merry way, elevating your head toward the clouds in under three minutes. Sun soaked, hazy and incredibly lush, from the moment it begins, it is impossible to resist being pulled you into its psychedelic swirl. Nimble cymbal work combines with smooth vocals, generous doses of reverb and all manner of fizzing psychedelic sounds, to deliver an irresistibility joyous coming together of sounds. It should go some way to alleviating the anguish of knowing that we’re still a few days from the weekend. There are certain similarities with Foreign/National and compatriots Tame Impala and Washed Out and Unknown Mortal Orchestra too – not bad company to be in at all mind.

If ‘Life Tourist’ is anything to go by, their debut EP is going to hard to resist when it’s released at the end of this month. Check it out below and behold is majesty.

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