Introducing: Haüer

Haüer 2014

It’s fair to say that Dublin producer Haüer has a slight infatuation with the synthesizer sounds of the ’80s and synth-based cinematic film scores (those of John Carpenter in particular wouldn’t be a surprising find in his record collection). 

It is from this base that Haüer’s sleek, slick and cinematic vision of electro-pop takes shape. Retro yet futuristic, these fascinatingly imaginative and richly developed passages portray an impressive dreamlike ambience, rendering his latest EP, Esperbyte, such a captivating experience. In part due to painstaking production and an impressive, yet quite dark, vision of the place where dreams and reality coexist in the same space as video games and movies, offering the perfect backdrop for the driving beats, kicks, slow-motion chord changes and synths to combine and create an incredible sense of wonderment and adventure. The likes of ‘Merc II’ and ‘Esperbyte’ duly deliver in prompting the mind to envisage colourful flashbacks to numerous ’80s action movies and 8-bit adventure games – smooth, cool and feels a little dangerous. It not only unequivocally excels in inducing a severe case of nostalgia but it feels rather forward thinking and futuristic too. All in all, a masterfully pieced together release from start to finish.

Haüer’s new EP, Esperbyte, is out on September 12th. You can sample ‘Merc II’ & ‘Esperbyte’ below or pop over to Nialler9 & stream the EP in its entirety.

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