Hippies Vs Ghosts – ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ et al

Hippies Vs Ghosts

Hippies Vs Ghosts, the side project from We Are Animal guitarist & vocalist, Owain Ginsberg, has proven rather prolific and rewarding since it’s inception, just over 12 months ago. During which time he’s already served up a number of quality EPs, one off tracks and a stunning debut album, Mother Tongue (one of this years finest).

Thankfully it seems this insatiable appetite for releasing new music has yet to be abated, with news of a forthcoming limited edition vinyl release through Too Pure Records. And more immediately however, some new Hippies Vs Ghosts jams were released online earlier this week and in short; they are fantastic. Continuing in the same vein as previous work – a kaleidoscopic, instrumental Morricone meets krautrock sound – what has become Hippies Vs Ghosts’ signature. ‘Thumbs Up To John’, ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ and ‘Weather Song’ take us on free-wheeling psychedelic journey through a fascinatingly imaginative, experimental and spaced-out world with an unrestrained organic flow. Swirling noise, seriously groovy yet slightly peculiar (in a good way), as we’re lifted through the swirling noise and earthy production by a driven, electrifying energy, intense riffs and meaty basslines.

Devastatingly excellent stuff from Hippies Vs Ghosts yet again, no indication yet whether these new tracks will make up the bones of the vinyl release, only time will tell. Until then? Time to get acquainted with Thumbs Up To John’, ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ & ‘Weather Song’ below.

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