Introducing: Laurie Shaw

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Laurie Shaw is a nineteen-year-old guitarist and songwriter, originally from The Wirral on the banks of the River Mersey in England’s North West, now based in the Kerry mountains where he writes and records his own albums.

With a vast quantity of releases already to his name, including two albums last year and one so far in 2014, to say he’s prolific is somewhat of an understatement. Even just a passing glance at his discography and it is hard to fathom where he finds the time for it all. As astounding as his workrate is, what’s even more impressive is the high quality of the work. His influences are broad and borrowing from from guitar music’s rich past, his music boasts an eclectic mix of styles and sounds. The breath of this musical dexterity is there for all to see, take ‘Sun Shadows’, a breezy, Middle Eastern flavoured indie fare or ‘I Won’t Leave You’, a rambunctiously giddy bit of garage pop filled with infectious hooks and revolving around a hyperactive guitar line, frenzied percussion. Or the plodding, if undeniably catchy, early ’70s Bowie-tinged rattle that is ‘Sunshine Song’. Although filled with breezy sun tinged grooves, blessed with melodies and hooks that you will be humming all day, it is the balance struck between the pop sensibilities and the more experimental influences that keeps things fresh and ever more exciting. Enamoured too by his scouse lilt which rolls so smoothly around his lyrics. All-in-all, an ultra-cool, ultra-catchy collection of songs.

There are some choice cuts below and if they tickle your fancy, a veritable treasure trove of tunes awaits over on his Soundcloud page.

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