Introducing: Segrasso


Segrasso are a Dublin trio who might, just might, have spent sometime listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride and quite a few other late ’80s/early 90s stalwarts, such is the influence on their sound.

This is in no way a bad thing. Especially when the results are as impressive as their experimentation with layering sounds, pushing their own well honed and meticulously crafted take on early ’90s shoegaze & indie. The trio recently released their debut EP, Headaches, a record of opulent quality. ‘Going To Hell’ is their pièce de résistance, a sprawling seven minutes plus mass of sound. It creeps over your ears, gently probing your expectations with layers of distorted guitars, solid bass and drums playing a perfect role in allowing atmospheric floating vocals shine. A wonderfully alluring journey to a dreamy slumbering wonderland. Elsewhere opener, ‘Disused Shed’, revolves around grinding guitar riff and great little synth line, providing us with ample of amounts of gutsy rock ‘n roll splendour. While ‘Thread’, opens in a rather downbeat dirgey fashion, it is all about the vocal, the centrepiece for which the entire song hangs. It builds the from pushing it forward, expanding and shifting toward a rousing uplifting climax, with the vocal refrain of “There’s something out there” ringing out – a nice note to conclude on. A fine band with shed loads of potential and the EP is an equally first-rate record, it iss quite a spectacular introduction if truth be told. Hopefully we’re hearing more from these guys sooner rather than later.

There are a number of choice cuts from Segrasso below and if they float your boat, you can pick up their debut EP, Headaches, from Bancamp.

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