Introducing: JUNK.


The weather’s been amazingly good over here, so to complement the clement climes, there has been a lot of cheery, sunny sounds on the go.

One perfect example of this approach are York trio JUNK., who are anything but what their self-deprecating name would suggest. Rather they specialize in charming, extremely catchy and glorious lo-fi indie pop songs, which litter their debut EP, Car. Clocking in at around the three minute mark, Junk. create short and sweet darts of harmonising happiness; a jangly lo-fi racket coated with fuzz but the pop sensibilities are there for everyone to hear. Their glorious lo-fi indie pop is made exponentially more loveable by the stunning the blend of male/ female vocals, delivered with expert precession, they could warm the  of the most miserable of hearts. That’s more or less the treats that await you on their wonderful four-track EP of ‘Matches’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Polystyrene’ and ‘Car’ which has a fine succession of ‘bap bap ba da da da’s’ that you will be singing away for the rest of the summer.

The York trio’s debut EP is out now and you can sample some choice cuts below, and if they are to your liking, you can pick the EP up here.

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