Introducing: David Harks

david harks 2014

Hailing from Brighton in the UK, David Harks, is a singer-songwriter who creates lush elegant electronic-pop music.

Harks’ already turned heads with debut single ‘Sirens’ on Kitsune Maison 15 last year, and on listening to his well-whisked blend of soul and pop, with electronic undertones, it is easy to understand why many were so enamoured. His latest single ‘Illusion’, is his finest effort yet. Hushed, inviting and transfixing vocals float upon a beautifully warm melody. Flowering beats and percussion, usher a soft hypnotic psychedelic feel and a simply irresistible listen. Harks’ previous releases are no slouches either. ‘We’ is imbued with many similar qualities as ‘Illusion’; infectious, upbeat and colourful, with tender vocals, it is a soul-filled, synth-kissed, soothing sound with flourishes of warmth. What’s not to love about these tunes? If you’re not one for beautiful, blissful and uplifting sounds, perhaps steer well clear. Ba-bap ba-bap baa.

Harks has four new singles penned for release this year, of which we have the first two, so only half way there then. Keep your eyes peeled for more. For now, get yourself accustomed to ‘Illusion’ & ‘We’ below.

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