Introducing: Cape Grace

cape grace 2014

Cape Grace are the Electronica duo comprised of Dubliners Marc Scully and Eric English, who recently released their self-titled debut EP, and it’s pretty damn good.

The pair produce fairly ambient electronic soundscapes, often down-tempo, moody and deeply atmospheric – that’s not to say they’re listless – these are late night / early morning jams with an emphasis on mood, groove and rhythm. Unnerving, unsettling and eerie are the overriding vibe. Rich textures create dark atmospheres, emotion and a feeling of venturing into subterranean world of the unknown, or ghoulish dystopian future . Both ‘You’ll See’ and ‘HClarke’ exemplify this approach, the former steps out of first gear with spritely surges and changes. ‘Fluks’ is the pick of the pile, with it’s dripping beats, distant synths and low-fi crackle, combined with some warped vocal and echoey, chorally ambience culminating in an irresistible five minutes. ‘2MW’ isn’t far behind it with it’s ditzy analogue tape machine-esque wobbles parting way for a kind of African choir before razor sharp beats kick in. Excellent productions from a rather promising duo, hopefully there will be more where that came from soon.

There are a few choice cuts below. All you have to do to own your own copy is ‘name your price’ and download it via bandcamp. Simple.

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