Introducing: Mowbird

mowbird 2014

Ignore the yawning in the image above, it’s difficult to envisage boredom being an issue when it comes to Wrexham quartet, Mowbird.

Formed in 2010, Mowbird have been steadily building themselves a reputation in their native North Wales, and it’s easy to why. They fuse their predilection for lo-fi-fuzz pop, with parts surf-rock, slacker indie and some garage punk nuances to create fun filled blasts of sub 3 minute, easy to listen to, yet not run of the mill tunes. There is a real spontaneity and energy to their sound, a theme that runs throughout their excellent debut LP, Islander. It kind of feels like an unrehearsed and unplanned journey into the unknown, that succeeds in going where feels right without putting a single foot wrong. The album is filled with scuzzy, charming, soul-consuming guitar jams, of which ‘Return to the Sea’, ‘Islander’ and ‘Empress’ are fine examples of their prowess. Hurled together with exuberant bursts of energy, and a sheen of poppy harmonies, melodies, catchy hooks and some stunning organ work (an intrinsic part of their sound), and you’ve got yourself absolute joyous amalgam of sounds that lives in the moment. The right moment. There is no issue concerning their qualities, the question is; how have they remained a secret for so long?

You can check out some choice cuts from Islander below, and if they are to your liking, check out the album in it’s entirety here.

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