Simple Kid – ‘Snakes and Ladders’

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In early 2011 Simple Kid announced through his official website that there will be no further music nor tours by Simple Kid. Despite this announcement, a new single, ‘The Road’, slipped out well and truly under the radar in the Spring of 2012.

Since then? Nothing. Well not quiet it seems. In November of last year he did it again, with out any fuss or anything really, Simple Kid slid a new song under the radar, called ‘Snakes and Ladders’. The track, commissioned by the BBC as part Radio 4 series  ‘Forever Young’, suggests the synths, beats and electronics of ‘The Road’ have been put to one side for the time being. Preferred instead is that recognizable and grainy SK alt-folk sound, as he and an unknown female vocal companion lament the precariousness which is all to real for so many living through the throes Capitalism’s latest crisis. The songwriting is clever yet subtle and the song in general is superb. 

Whether this is it, or we shall be intermittently treated to the odd track here and there or, by some stroke of luck might see something more substantial is anyone’s guess. Only the kid knows that for certain.

Hat tip to former Vagabond Dave Phelan for this one.

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  1. Rob

    Just stumbled on this on YouTube and a search for further info brought me here.

    All these years later, it still bugs me that I don’t know why SK3 was shelved. At some point, his old MySpace page told us that SK3 was complete and a touring band was being put together. Unless he lost faith in the quality of the material, we can only assume he got disillusioned by an inability to get a label interested. So why not throw it up on Bandcamp etc after quitting music??

    ‘Snakes And Ladders’ reminds me of the SK3 track ‘Only When Young’. Similar female vocalist too. Leads me to think it is actually from the SK3 sessions rather than a strange, one-off reappearance for a radio show.

    I believe he’s a teacher back in Ireland now.

    1. BarryGruff

      Same here, I do a search every now and then in the hope of finding some new tunes or, better still, that he’s decided to come back.

      Thanks for the extra info as well.

      1. Rob

        Do you have all his released music? I’m one short – the B-side to the King Kong single called ‘This is Called the City’. Only released on vinyl.
        Any chance you have an mp3 of it?


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