End of year final roundup, of sorts


With the time of year it is and all that jazz, the blog will be assuming radio silence for a bit, probably until the new year. But before that, it is only fit and proper for some thank yous and for a quick roundup of sorts. 

First things first, a huge thank you to Stevie, Poggy, Co & Paul for all their help with the BarryGruff / Discord shows this year. It most definitely couldn’t happen without all your help. Thanks too, to everyone who played the shows this year and those who took the time to do collate their picks from year. A big thanks to Johnny Feeney for his excellent guest posts throughout the year – I’m sure I’m not alone in enjoying his musings. Last but certainly not least, thanks to all of you who came to gigs during the year and continue to read the blog. It’s a rather humbling experience and without yous, the blog is nothing, so thanks a million. I hope I haven’t missed anyone, if I have I apologise profusely.

Before I go here’s a sort of roundup of stuff from the blog, with links, in case anyone missed some of it. Enjoy your holidays if you have ’em and see you in 2014. Cheers BG.

BarryGruff’s Albums of 2013

Johnny Feeney’s Albums of 2013

BarryGruff’s Irish Songs of 2013 (Soundcloud Mix)

BarryGruff’s 50 Songs of 2013 (Spotify Playlist)

BarryGruff’s Welsh Songs of 2013 (Spotify Playlist)

Artist’s who played BG gigs in 2013 and their picks from the year 

Trojan Warriors Mixtapes [Part Two] + [Part Three]

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