Crystal Stilts – ‘Sticks & Stones’


Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts returned with their latest, and third LP, Nature Noir, back in September. While the new album doesn’t reach the lofty heights of their previous two records, Alight of Night and In Love With Oblivion, it’s still a fine and solid record. 

To celebrate their UK tour, Crystal Stilts are giving away ‘Sticks & Stones’ as a free download. ‘Sticks & Stones’ is one of the finer moments on Nature Noir; gentle, dreamy and wistful and it offers some respite from what is quite a dark album. Oddly enough there is no Irish date while they visit our neighbor’s shores. The last time they were in Dublin it was a superb show, maybe they’ll be back in this neck of the woods in the new year?

For now though, you can stream / download  ‘Sticks & Stones’ below. Or check out Nature Noir here.

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