New Tracks from Sliab Cuinciu: ‘Tricks’ & ‘Stay Gold’


Sliab Cuinciu has been, in my humble opinion, the finest new electronic producer to emerge from these shores in 2013.

The 24-year-old Wicklow beatmaker’s 8-track collection, ####, released earlier this year was pure gold; a spellbinding mix embracing all things hip hop, synth pop, disco and a wealth of electronic music, as well as soul, funk and rock. Yes, yes, all great you say but what of now? Well, the good news is Sliab Cuinciu has returned with two new jams, ‘Tricks’ and the aptly titled ‘Stay Gold’, and it looks as though there’s no chance of dropping the standard any time soon. Both tracks are smooth, cool as fuck hip-hop inspired electronic tunes, permeated entirely with a serious feelgood vibe. ‘Tricks’ bounces along some of the funkiest beats and bass you hear this side of the ’70s, it’s so irresistibly infectious. ‘Stay Gold’ meanwhile, has much more of a daydream quality, taking us on a tranquil wander through a land of ’80s synths and drums, much more indebted to the early days of hip hop. In short; two tunes as cool and refreshing as a breeze on a scorching hot summers day.  

You can listen / download (free) to both ‘Tricks’ & ‘Stay Gold’ below. And if you’re liking what’s on offer, you should definitely check out ####, it is available gratis from bandcamp.

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