Introducing: Cave Story


Regular visitors to the blog will be well aware of my penchant for music with a quirky, playful psychedelic underbelly, and Portuguese quartet Cave Story, are yet another case in point. 

Cave Story have released an EP of three demos, offering proof of their credentials as virtuoso’s of this joyful style. The EP is a rollicking, breathtaking romp through bygone eras, bringing to mind classic band after classic band while conjuring up a modern and original take of their own. Opener, ‘Crystal Surf’ has a dark, ominous post-punk vibe whilst ‘Martin Stellar’ embraces this sound but sees the band experiment with playful keys and echoey vocals. The standout of the bunch is ‘Ghost Steps’, a stomping psych-garage number. It contains the obvious protrusion of a ‘6os infatuation with echoes of the psychedelic-era Small Faces, the Kinks circa Village Green Preservation Society and more recently, The Bees. Three very contrasting yet equally wonderful demos from Cave Story but one thing is for sure, their next move should be eagerly awaited.

You can sample some choice cuts from the EP below or pop over to bandcamp, ‘name your price’ and download it. 

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