TOY – ‘Join The Dots’


Just over 12 months on from releasing their superb self-titled debut, one of last year’s finest albums, TOY are back with news of a new album.

The new record’s called Join The Dots and it’s penned for release on December 9th. Ahead of all that, TOY have bestowed upon us the title track, ‘Join The Dots’ (obviously). It’s safe to say they are sticking with what they do best, there appears to no turn back from the direction they were headed on album number one. ‘Join The Dots’ is almost eight minutes of glorious Krautrock indebted psychedelia, of epic proportions. Mere words will fail to do it proper justice, so just hit play below and turn it up loud.  

Join The Dots is released on December 9th through Heavenly Recordings. Both video and tune are below for your a/v pleasure. 

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