(Video) Only Real – ‘Get It On’


Only Real‘s progress has been keenly followed over the past year or so, and he has yet to put a foot wrong, impressing ever more with quality track after track.

Earlier this month the 22 year old West Londoner (aka Niall Galvin) released his Days In The City EP through Luv Luv Luv and surprise surprise, it’s great. This guy has quite a talent for crafting infectious, feel-good, lo-fi indie-pop. The gentle fuzzy guitar and his lazily half-rapped lyrics helps with the easy-breezy summery vibes that is utterly contagious. Lead track from the EP, ‘Get It On’ is a case in point. Permeated by a lazy slacker kind of vibe, a free flowing, nonchalant vocal drawl are set to some catchy riffs, steady beats and some woozy atmospherics. Through a combination of a purposely unpolished, lo-fi approach, calculated laziness and youthful indifference, he’s found his own rather unique and special place. Perhaps to match the summery vibes, perhaps to remind us that his EP is out, he’s released a video for ‘Only Real’. In which, he and friends head through city streets enjoying some mild delinquency and fun until night falls. The whole grainy VHS vibe works to reinforce the song’s gentle glimmer and meandering haze.

Days In The City is out now through Luv Luv Luv. 

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