R.Seiliog – ‘Ostisho’


Cardiff based R.Seiliog is releasing a new mini-album, Doppler, next week – the follow up to his 2012 EP, Shuffles.

To give us a taste of what we can expect from Doppler, R.Seilog has kindly served us with ‘Ostisho’, a simply stunning piece of work. ‘Ostisho’ rushes past at breakneck speed, hurtling through with driving percussion, rhythmic guitar lines and drones, which are channeled through layers and layers of spacey psychedelia and glistening melodies, and intricately woven in to one another. In essence R.Seiliog has found the perfect balance to a sound that harnesses all the repetitive and hypnotic qualities Krautrock, molded with the weirdly wonderful psychedelic qualities of so many other Welsh luminaries. ‘Ostisho’ is an exhilarating introduction to what’s delights await on R.Seilog’s new mini-album. 

You can give ‘Ostisho’ and the Minotaur Shock rework a listen below (you can download both for too). It is highly recommended. Dopper is out on Monday September 30th through Turnstile

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