Hippies Vs Ghosts – Double Whammy of ‘Mother Tongue’ & ‘Cushion Dweller’


The last time we dropped in on Hippies Vs Ghosts was back in the early days of summer, when two aptly titled EPs,  Hippies and, yes, Ghosts were released in quick succession.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hippies Vs Ghosts, it’s a side project from We Are Animal guitarist & vocalist, Owain Ginsberg, and one which is continuing to prove rather fruitful. Harnessing the raw energy, experimental tenancies and ear for a serious groove of his day job, we are again presented with something fascinatingly imaginative. ‘Mother Tongue’ & ‘Cushion Dweller’ are two fine examples of what Ginsberg is capable of on his own; free-flowing, slightly off-kilter natured, instrumental jams, foraging through ’50s surf rock, post-punk, krautrock and indie, among others. Both have a chilling underlying menace to them, the latter particularly so; the biggest sonic assault of a sinister unnerving, swirling noise and distortion yet. That’s about it really, let’s hope Hippies Vs Ghosts keep ’em coming.

You can listen to, or download ‘Mother Tongue’ & ‘Cushion Dweller’ for free below. You can check out both the previous EPs here if you fancy. 

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