The Big Sun – ‘Pants!’

thebigsun2013Following on from the release of their Sticklebacker EP, Oxford group The Big Sun, fronted by angelically voiced singer Berry and backed by members of Ride & Candyskins, have released their latest single.

The song, entitled ‘Pants!’ is a sparkling slice of sweet indie pop – it is as an adorable tune as you’re likely to hear. It subtly drifts along through a sugar-coated kind of melancholy and offset by bouncy and chipper chorus, and her voice, well, that’s just stunning. I’ve been keeping tabs on The Big Sun for a while now; from their early demos, Sticklebacker EP and now ‘Pants!’, and they haven’t dropped the ball yet. Apparently former Creation boss Alan McGee has taken an interest in the band, if true, things might be beginning to fall into place but only time will tell.

‘Pants!’ is available to download for free below and if you fancy leafing through some of their other tunes, you can do so here.

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