GEM_DOS – ‘When The Dust Settles’


Dublin based producer GEM_DOS has been in sparking form since bursting into view with his superb Trials EP, and with ‘Cuffs’ earlier this year.

He has re-emerged with great news of a forthcoming EP titled Construct, which will be released on July 1st through Clubstream Green. And as to offer us a flavour of what we can expect, GEM_DOS has unveiled ‘When The Dust Settles’. It is a little different to what’s gone before, which isn’t really a huge surprise as experimentation has become his forte. It is a more down-tempo approach to electronica which sees a techno influence supersede the previous drum and bass elements. ‘When The Dust Settles’ bounces along with a muscular energy as a chromatic splash builds until it’s ready to explode in to full force with stomping rhythm and brassy synths.  The pitch shifted vocal adding astral qualities,  giving the finishing touch to an absolute cracker of a tune. Going by this track the EP promises a lot. 

You can listen to ‘When The Dust Settles’ below or check the Cormac Murphy and Evan Buggle produced video, if you prefer.

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