Tandem Felix – Popcorn EP

Tandem Felix

This week saw Dubliners Tandem Felix release their brand new EP, Popcorn, broadly speaking this is indie; with a nod or two in the direction of The Verve, Radiohead & Us & Us Only era The Charlatans.

It’s more than simply ‘indie’, it’s experimental, moody and atmospheric, with this murky veil never really lifts throughout the EP. The maturity on display both from a songwriting and arrangement point of view is breathtaking. ‘Third Degree Burns’ sets the scene gracefully for what follows, with their experimental exploits, elegant twists and turns, working well with some lush instrumentation. There is a plaintive feel to the rest of Popcorn, the suave orchestral soul of ‘Tell Yer Loved Ones’ adds a new degree of emotional weight for which ‘Pointing and Laughing’ goes even further, plumbing new depths. It is never too dark, rather it is reflective, optimistic and hopeful, as should we, for what the future holds for Tandem Felix and where they go to next following this assured and confident EP.

Popcorn is out now and can be streamed in full or purchased via bandcamp.

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