Introducing: Beard Of Wolves


Feel like you don’t have enough noise in your life? Are things are just a little bit too quiet? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Beard Of Wolves.

Not for the faint-hearted, the north Wales pair sound like their blood is boiling, bombarding the listener with a ferocious barrage of rock, garage and drums and bass. Propelled by a devastating combo of filthy basslines and pounding drums, this ruthlessly abrasive sound is taken to another dimension with by splashes synths and screeching vocals. If that’s not clear enough, just check the twisted noise and fuzzed up mayhem that is ‘My Father Drives The Death Star’, ‘Wet Mouth’ or anything from their debut EP in fact. Imagine mashing Death From Above 1979, Eagles of Death Metal and Klaxons together before feeding it through crackling speakers, and your almost there. A truly scintillating racket!

This is by far the most melodic mayhem you’ll hear this year, to keep things relatively brief, their self-titled debut EP is an absolute belter.

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