Introducing: Dog Legs


Dog Legs are London / Brighton duo of Moema Meade and Liam Bradbury, by way of Menai Bridge. The duo are fine purveyors of dirty, rough ‘n ready lo-fi garage punk, done in short bursts and wrapped with a touch of extremely catchy bubblegum pop.

There is a definite ‘don’t give a fuck’ vibe going on, furthered by their fondness for an expletive which runs throughout their latest EP, Awkward. The EP is quite fun and filled with sharp-tongued lyrical sweariness, from the high-energy blasts of ‘Beast Like Me’ and ‘Cobra Snake’ to the darker downbeat ‘Bitch Please’ or ‘Another Shit Teen Movie’. Yeah there’s a slightly juvenile aspect to the whole thing, but it’s actually one of the appealing features to Dog Legs and their EP.  Instead of ‘seriousness’ they allow their sense of fun run wild, bash out a jam and enjoy it. Simply brilliant stuff and utterly infectious too. 

You can check out some choice cuts from Dog Legs below or grab their Awkward EP from bandcamp.

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