SlowPlaceLikeHome – ‘Cathleen’s Fall’


SlowPlaceLikeHome excelled himself last year with three excellent EPs. he young man from Donegal is picking up where he left off, starting 2013 with news of a brand new EP entitled Romola, coming in March.

The first track from the forthcoming EP is ‘Cathleen’s Fall’. It is heavy on the bass and repetition, with illuminating little spurts of sound filtering in here and there, adding to the airy whoosh, melodic hook and rhythmic push toward a sparkling climax. Sit back, close your eyes and behold this absolutely wonderful track of supreme beauty. On this evidence and that of the previous EPs, Romola is one to keep an eye out for.

You can give ‘Cathleen’s Fall’ a listen below as well as all his previous work over on SPLH’s bandcamp.

Introducing: Galoshins


Scottish trio Galoshins are a rather curious proposition. Taking the unusual step of releasing their two debut EPs simultaneously, it sort of sums these guys up, there is nothing orthodox about this trio. 

The two rather intense EPs are bursting with ideas and provide an excellent, if somewhat incohesive snapshot of what they’re all about. Loosely, it is furiously buoyant whirlwind of organ fueled psych-punk but it is near impossible to pin them down. Although it does at times bring to mind something of early Futureheads meets The Things and Sluts of Trust. Whatever you want to call it, their off-kilter approach to rock ‘n roll maybe unhinged but never boring. Opening track ‘Shake Up’ sets the tempo, a hyperactive fervour with an exhilarating combo of serrated guitar, organ and vocals delivered with a strong parochial Scots lilt. It is a striking introduction as they career headlong through each track of an ever impressive, cacophony of furious unorthodoxy. 

Anyone bemoaning the lack of character or flavour to guitar music at present would do well to take note of Galoshins. Their EP1 & EP2 are out now through Armellodie Records.

[Image: © Michael Gallacher]

White Blush – ‘Mirror’

white blush

You know those tunes you hear and stop you dead in your tracks? Yeah? Well, ‘Mirror’ by White Blush, aka LA artist Carol Rhyu, is one of those.

From the get go the pulsating rhythm and drifting minimalism of ‘Mirror’ draws you in, with barely audible lyrics delivered like a dreamy distant cooing sealing the deal. A beautiful, dreamy piece of electro-pop with an extraordinarily otherworldly feel. While ‘Mirror’ is certainly the standout track from the EP, it is by no means alone. White Blush do dreamy electro-pop rather well, something reinforced by running even a fleeting ear over the self-titled debut EP. 

That’s enough waffling from this end. Check out ‘Mirror’ below and White Blush’s self-titled 6 track EP is also available from bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ deal. 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Let The Day Begin’


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are preparing to release their new and 7th album, Specter At The Feast.

There is no great surprise from the album’s lead single ‘Let The Day Begin’; a meaty rock ‘n roll track with driving drums and fuzzed out wall-of-guitars. ‘Let The Day Begin’ is the kind of thing which BRMC have made a name for themselves over the past decade. In that sense it is a taste of what has, and what is to come from BRMC. In a world of ever increasing flux it is refreshing to find something grounded, familiar and reliable. While BRMC may never really produce spectacular trailblazing records, they do solid rock ‘n roll records rather well and sometimes that is quite enough.

Specter At The Feast is out on March 19th and you can catch BRMC live when the play The Academy, Dublin on March 11th. 

Introducing: Drenge


Drenge are a two-piece rock outfit based in Sheffield, comprised of brothers Rory and Eoin Loveless.

Taking their cue from the White Stripes/Black Keys/Sluts of Trust school of rock ‘n roll, though less downright sleazy than the latter, one batters drums and the other sings and looks after the powerhouse of a guitar riffs. Simple as that; two brothers, guitar and drums? Not so. A blob of grittiness and a clot of high-octane energy, that’s what Drenge are, and hardly anything else. Take the brutally aggressive, raw and muscular nature of latest single, ‘Bloodsports’ and you will get the idea. It sums up the duo quite perfectly, just make sure to turn it up loud. Earlier days but this sibling duo are an exciting prospect. 

Drenge head out on a UK tour with Deap Vally later this month, judging by the choice cuts, it could be one hell of a show. 

Turrentine Jones – ‘Della May’


Turrentine Jones released a couple of very good tracks last year but their latest effort, ‘Della May’, blows everything else they have done to date out of the water.

The Manchester based trio continue to embrace their quite obvious affection for old (‘5os/’60s) r&b, rock ‘n roll and blues influences, yet, they manage to keep it sounding pretty fresh. A Hammond organ fuels the groove as ‘Della May’ bristles with jaunty enthusiasm, its infectious swagger warms its way to the heart. Rousing stuff, no question.

‘Della May’ is out on February 22nd and it is fair to say Turrentine Jones have kicked off 2013 in quite some style.

Tamaryn – ‘Tender New Signs’


Rather late to the game on this one, better late than never though. Released last year, Tender New Signs, is the second album from Tamaryn, the San Francisco based duo of New Zealand singer Tamaryn and guitarist Rex John Shelverton.

Tender New Signs seeps out slowly over nine tracks, effortlessly combining the hazy vocals of Tamaryn and soothing tranquil atmospherics into wave after wave of irresistible shoegaze. The album makes the listener work a little harder than usual to begin with, but it is worth it. It never looses focus or breaks its smoldering pace and you will eventually find yourself heading for the replay button.

Give ‘The Garden’, ‘Heavenly Bodies’ and ‘I’m Gone’ a listen below but I thoroughly recommend checking out the album in its entirety.

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(Video) Sisters – ‘Sun Walk’

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We dropped in on London based Sisters a few times last year as they drip fed us a fine selection of grungy musical treats.

The band’s latest jam ‘Sun Walk’ is no less impressive, in fact, this is the best they’ve sounded yet. Starting calmly ‘Sun Walk’ descends into a squall of noise that just hisses with angst and anger, with shrill rasps from vocalist Aoife adding to the frenzy and delivering a climatic high point. This trio are continuing to improve and impress at each turn and I’m looking forward to seeing where this can go, onward and upwards hopefully. 

You can catch Sisters live in Dublin when they support The Mighty Stef in Whelan’s on Friday, April 5th.

Introducing: Policy


Policy are a four-piece band from Kilcoole, Co Wicklow who released their self-titled debut EP late last year.

Sounding like they have been influenced by a whole host of mid ’80s British indie acts (particularly The Wedding Present plus others of that ilk), their debut EP is probably best summed up as a bit indie, a bit alternative rock and a bit rough around the edges. Across the five track EP, recorded with Eoin Whitfield from Enemies in Kilcoole last year, they deliver a series of charming songs with catchy melodies, smart lyrics and played with energy. A special mention must be reserved for the vocals which are both unusual and unique, spat out with a certain sense of fragility, they increase the endearing quality of the music ten fold. 

What’s on offer here isn’t perfect but that is part of the appeal, their rough around the edges approach adds to the overall appeal. Not only is there the untempered potential for  more but it is far more personal and genuine.

You can download their self-titled debut EP for free here and make up your own mind.

Youan – ‘Girls’


Say hello to Youan, a 22 year old producer from England’s West Midlands, who is about to release his debut EP, Girl this month.

The title track, ‘Girls’, is a seductive introduction to his silky production skills. It is a fast paced club tune with a hefty kick to it, centered around looped vocals and layered beats. There is no subtly to this game, this is one to get you moving on the dancefloor. It does feel like we’ve been here before somehow or like being reacquainted with an old friend, perhaps a little bit late ’90s house, with a touch of r&b or garage vibes? Maybe not but whatever the case be prepared to be seduced by what is a truly magnificent tune.   

Youan’s Girl EP is out on 17th February via Minds On Fire. Check it & the girl filled video below.

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