Introducing: Chemistry Lessons


Chemistry Lessons are an electro duo from the Welsh Valleys, now based between Cardiff and Bristol. 

The duo (of Gareth Burke & Mavis) have been involved in other musical projects for the best part of a decade, but it was in the summer of 2012 that they decided to get creative with distorted synths, drum machines and some cheap organs from eBay. The fruits of this creative spurt see a blend of big boisterous beats, flamboyant synth riffs and 8-bit electro sounds working in tandem to create something that lies between the realms of French electro, latter day Prodigy & a kid with a Gameboy. ‘Kobi’ in particular, is a wonderful example of what they are all about.

Chemistry Lessons are currently putting the finishing touches to a new EP. Until then, there are a few choice cuts below (including the aforementioned ‘Kobi’) which serve as a rather neat introduction to the world of Chemistry Lessons.

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