Youan – ‘Girls’


Say hello to Youan, a 22 year old producer from England’s West Midlands, who is about to release his debut EP, Girl this month.

The title track, ‘Girls’, is a seductive introduction to his silky production skills. It is a fast paced club tune with a hefty kick to it, centered around looped vocals and layered beats. There is no subtly to this game, this is one to get you moving on the dancefloor. It does feel like we’ve been here before somehow or like being reacquainted with an old friend, perhaps a little bit late ’90s house, with a touch of r&b or garage vibes? Maybe not but whatever the case be prepared to be seduced by what is a truly magnificent tune.   

Youan’s Girl EP is out on 17th February via Minds On Fire. Check it & the girl filled video below.

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