(Video) Coves – ‘Last Desire’

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Coves announced themselves with the rather splendid Cast A Shadow EP last year, an imaginative foray through a whole host sounds and styles. 

The duo spent 2012 on tour with Echo & The Bunnymen and Eugene McGuinness and it would seem from ‘Last Desire’ at least, to be time well spent. It has added some muscle to their sound, especially the undulating bass line which propels the track through wispy guitar, flickers of electronics and mellifluous cooing from Rebekah Wood. Every single ounce of ‘Last Desire’ has been meticulously honed and expertly crafted. You don’t have to scratch far beneath the surface to be utterly charmed by the innate, melodic lustre of this one.

‘Last Desire’ will be released through 1965 Records on 18th March. Coves support Dutch Uncles on tour in February.

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